Sunday, January 26, 2014

Rainbow loom

                          Rainbow loom

                                     Ila Wilson
The product rainbow loom is sweeping the nation. Just a little bit more than one million have been sold.
I got one for Christmas this year. I have made all sorts of things from bracelets to mini-figures. This is a great thing to have you can make a lot of things with it the one problem is that the hook that come with it breaks in like a month or after you get the loom other than that this is a great craft for 11-13 year old. I'll put pictures below, well thanks for reading my article be shore to check back to great more revises bye,

Saturday, January 25, 2014

My Goals for this year.

My goals for 2014
Ila Wilson
My two goals for this year are.
1. To be nicer and less pushy with my siblings.
2.To read the hole series of The Gallagher Girl Academe.
These are my two goals for this year

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

2012 MTB Rides

Cathy Johnson Trail (Ken Caryl Valley)
April 1st, 2012-
I have been looking forward this spring since the beginning of the new year. I wanted to get in as much riding as my schedule would allow. I like riding the most in the spring and fall months. Summer is too hot unless you get an early start before the hottest part of the day. Spring is perfect. The weather is not too hot or cold and the trails aren't dusty or too muddy. 

I decided to get a start on my riding earlier this year by weight lifting. I recently had to visit a Physical Therapist for some knee pain. I have had pain ever since last year when I went paintballing. You can read about it here. I felt better since lifting than I have in awhile. I really wanted to see what my body could do this season. On April Fool's Day, I drove out to the Cathy Johnson trail in the Ken Caryl Valley. I have a friend who lives in the community who had invited me to try out the trails. 

My ride started out with a steady uphill dirt track. I was trying to keep my bike in the middle ring and the third cassette gear. I had read that it's better to pick a little bit more difficult gear to go uphill because it gets you farther up the hill faster. I knew this the hard part was whether my body could keep up with this gearing. I started out behind two other bikers, but soon was passing them. They were not in any hurry but it felt good to pass someone instead being passed. The rest of the uphill trek was very rewarding. I crossed South Valley road and continued on a few more miles north up the valley.  I came to a burn area where a controlled burn had been conducted. I rested at a picnic area and took pictures of this structure below.

 The return journey was blur. I flew down the hill bouncing over several dips in the trail. I was having some serious fun as I got both bike tires off the ground. I focused on pumping through some of the dips to keep from losing control. It was not a hard trip but a good open to my season.

Bear Creek Lake Park
April 12, 2012-
My favorite local trail in the Denver Metro area is Bear Creek Lake Park. It is a Lakewood city park near Morrison. They have a great lake with a beach called Big Soda Lake. I have often taken the kids there. I also have taken my kids to the park to mountain bike with them. I decided to ride through the park on after work. It's on my drive home from Golden, Co. I stopped off in a neighborhood near the park. I parked and rode out from there. I know that I should have paid the $5 to get into to park but I didn't. 

I rode over Highway 285 on the pedestrian bridge down into the park. I knew the park only a little. I tried to download a map but couldn't really find one I liked. When I got into the park I rode east toward the damn. The trail was damp not muddy but in places. I rode fast. I bounced along the rocks and ruts. I was going fast as my gears would let me. The reason that I love this park is because of speed of the trails. They are just the right mix of rolling hills and flat. You can ride fast and climb only a little bit.

I rode around the damn to the north side of park. I flowed my memory of the park more than any maps. I barely stopped for anything. I took the picture above just to prove I was in the park. I could have stopped every minute though. The most tempting places were in the tree lined areas of the trail. I felt like I was biking through vaulted halls of green leaves.

I biked around till I reached the main entrance. I was trying to find a way over the river running through the park. I had to cross at paved bridge at the entrance but then got back onto the trail. I rode south toward my car. I hit another stream running half full. I passed several crossings that looked deep and muddy. I finally had to cross at a horse crossing. Lucky, it was had lots of big round rocks and little mud. I carried my bike across and only got one foot wet. I then headed to my car. I set a stead pace out of the park, and I was proud to pass several other bikers on the concrete trail over Highway 285. I am definitely looking forward to riding the park again this month.

Lair o' the Bear May 6th, 2012- 
I don't know how it happened that I have not been on my bike for almost a month.  I told myself that I would be riding every week but as usual life just never works out.  I wanted to get back to Lair o' the Bear since last year when I biked it.  I remember it being a really fun ride.  I got myself together in the afternoon.  There was a chance of showers but I wanted to risk it anyways.  I arrived at the trail head at about 3:30.  It was busy as I expected for a Sunday afternoon.

I was not happy about that but there is not much you can do when everyone in Colorado hikes or bikes on the weekends.  I like having the trails to myself because I'm slow and I don't want people trying to get around me.  The ride was nice but I was huffing and puffing right away.  I rode about and a half miles up the trail when I meet with a rock wall that has stopped me before.

I decided to turn around because I didn't want to hike a bike over the rock.  I turned around but on the way down I hit a sandy patch and took digger.  My bike was fine but my knee got a nice big scrap.  I thought it wasn't bleeding so I kept riding but a minute down the trail I felt something dibbling into my shoe.  Looking down I found out it was my own blood.  I stopped and tied my bandanna around my knee.  It stopped the blood running down my leg.  I rode down the trail with everyone asking me if I was all right.  Nice to know people on the trail are looking out for one another.  I got back to the car as the rain started.  My knee was starting to hurt but I was okay.  I really didn't like the trail all that much this time.  I think I am going to have to visit during the week to avoid the crowd next time.

Green Mountain May 8th, 2012-
I like to get in a ride during the week if I can.  I love to ride green mountain when it is not to hot out.  It's close to work and is a good workout.  This Tuesday I decided I would try to ride the whole mountain in an hour.  I have ridden the mountain before and reached the top several times see the post Conquering the Mountain.  I started around 3:50.  I left the parking lot and turned to the right on the Green Mountain trail.  I followed that trail around the south then to the east side of the mountain.  It's a standard route for main bikers.  It's a great rolling trail.  A little uphill but nothing serious.  I made good time around to the east side.  I stayed with Green Mountain trail until I met up with Hayden Trail.  I rode up that trail to the top of the mountain.  It's not a steep trail but is a steady climb up winding around a bit until it meets up with a wide access road at the top.  I took the access road northwest to Rooney Valley Trail.  The ride down is a blast there are loose rocks near the top and switch back midway down.  I was rocking and rolling down the mountain.  My eyes were watering as I sped downhill.  I made the seven mile journey in a little over an hour and I am counting this as one of my best rides this year.

Indian Creek Trail #800 May 20th, 2012-
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